12th ADI - Summer 2011 - Best Way to Kick off the Year!

Great news! The Summer Asian Debate Institute will be held from the 8th to 18th August 2011 in Chung Ang University - just after the CAU Australs and 3 months before Manila Worlds!!

Here are some reasons YOU should attend

1. Well Organized

This is the 12th ADI and 7th year of organization. There's a long history of success (and some failures) for us to learn from. We keep improving our organization and teaching methods to ensure that you have a wonderful, challenging and inspiring time at the ADI.

2. Wonderful Trainers

ADI Faculty members consist of some of the most respected and experienced leaders in the debate community and some of the craziest people we can find. The Faculty is diverse and representative of debate trends in the region.

We are in the process of finalizing our faculty (watch this space for announcements) and the special focus will be on BP training - preparing you for Manila Worlds, the Asian BP Championships, the North East Asians and many other BP tournaments in the region this year!

Also expect a Selection of Classic ADI trainers. To see who've we've had before, check out the Faculty page.

3. Seoul in Summer is AWESOME

Well, we'll make you feel that way =]

Registration is open now! Don't miss out! For registration information, visit http://adi.learndebate.net/registration