Welcome to the NEW ADI website!

For the first time in it's 6 year history, the Asian Debate Institute will be offered in the British Parliamentary (BP) or Worlds format! We are very excited about this. It coincides with a greater emphasis on BP in the region - the Asian BP Championships held for the first time last year, the North East Asian Championships is in BP and an increasing number of BP tournaments in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. It's also a great chance to start preparing for Worlds in Manila next year.

The goal of the ADI is to empower the debate community. This means developing debate skills, injecting knowledge and building strong community ties. Faculty members are teachers and role models, but also friends. We want to celebrate the debate champions, but also the champions of the debate community - people who are sincere, work hard, help others and believe in the power of debate.

Come and join us at the 2010 Summer ADI. We promise you will learn, grow and have fun while you're at it.