Every morning ADI faculty and fellows will present two lectures on specially chosen topics. Participants will be assigned lectures based on their lab groups. Depending on the size of the ADI intake, there will be approximately 30 people in each lecture group

The full list of lecture topics will be announced a week before the ADI, but will cover the following areas and more

  • Roles of speakers
  • Opening Half Strategies
  • Closing Half Strategies
  • Points of Information
  • Adjudication
  • Using First Principles

For a small taste of what it feels like, you can watch some lectures videos from past ADIs.

ADI Lecture Videos

For a full list, go to http://loganimal.blip.tv

Leader of Opposition by Logan (Asians Format, 2010)

Giving Whip Speeches - Kim Ahyoung (Asians Format, 2010)

Prime Minister Speeches - Tim Sonnereich (Asians Format, 2010)


Introduction to Argumentation - Ko Hanna and Christy Bradley (Asians format, 2010)

Preparing for Tournaments - Andrew Hume (2009)

Models, Criteria and Case Building - Sayeqa Islam (2009)

Opening Lecture, ADI 2009 - Omar Salahuddin

Debating International Relations - Ryan, Sayeqa, Sharmila (2009)

Opposition Strategy - Jason Jarvis (2009)

Reply Speeches - Sharmila Parmanand (2009)



Each faculty member will suggest a special class and ADI participants will be able to choose what they want to take. We will try to allocate each participant two lectures of their choice while ensuring a small class size (8 or less in each group).

Electives will focus on developing skills and increasing understanding about specific issues. Some electives could be activity based.

Sample elective topics are

  • Using manner strategically

  • Being funny and relevant

  • Argument development exercises

  • Understanding the Middle East crisis

  • Arguing against the environment

  • Topics on gender and sexuality

  • Get the most out of your Almanac


Lab Groups

Participants will spend afternoons in lab groups under the supervision on one assigned faculty member. Students will be divided into different lab groups, based on your debate experience and skill.

Faculty members will also occasionally rotate between lab groups. Depending on the size of the ADI intake, there will be approximately 12 people in each lab group

Evening debates

  • Each evening we will organize debates for all participants. These debates are meant for training and thus will not be power matched or factored into the tournament

  • Participants will debate across all labs