At the end of every ADI we run a full tournament. This means 4 to 5 rounds and a break to Semis (at least, depending on the number of teams), power matched rounds and fresh competitive topics. Often the people running the tournament, setting the topics and adjudicating are the same people who will be doing those things for upcoming international tournaments! (check out our faculty profiles for clues).

The purpose of the tournament is to create real-world competitive environment for students to test the debate skills they have acquired over the week. At this tournament, you can be assured that the judging pool is experienced and qualified (the faculty and fellows will be the judges) - so you will get detailed feedback and well reasoned decisions.

For a sample of some debates held at the ADI - including demonstration debates - check out our collection of ADI debate videos!

ADI Debate Videos

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ADI Winter 2010 - Finals : This House Believe that the government had the right to censor the media in times of natural disasters



ADI Winter 2010 - Demo Adj Debate



ADI 2010 Demo Debate



ADI Finals Winter 2009 : THW remove all age restrictions for elected officials



ADI Semis Winter 2009 : THS Abortion for Any Reason



Asian Debate Institute 2008 Final : This House Believes that North East Asia needs a Common History Textbook



Asian Debate Institute 2008 Semi-Finals : This House Believes That Israel should Return the Golan Hights to Syria




From Summer ADI 2010

  • Round 1 : THBT university graduates should pay higher taxes
  • Round 2 : THW ban religious symbols in all government offices
  • Round 3 : THw allow doctors to refuse to perform treatments that are against their own ethical principles
  • Round 4 : THW make offenders of non-violent crimes perform community service rather than serve prison time
  • Round 5 : THW ban all digitally enhanced images in advertisements
  • Round 6 : THW remove all forms of protection on the local film and television industry
  • Round 7 : THW lift all sanctions on north korea now
  • Round 8 : THBT parents should be allowed to access their children's facebook accounts
  • Quarters : THW televise executions
  • Semis : THW impose mandatory counselling for survivors of attempted suicide and their families
  • Finals : THW Ban mail order brides